Antelogium #1

Oh Hello. This is the Antelogium #1 of this blog looks a like.

I know that 2017 will end so soon. But not my 27 years old. I have to struggle around 9 – 10 months to go before heading to another year. Honestly, 27 is not easy for me. Like you see on the homepage, ‘Life is not always happy. Life needs the opposite too.’ Yes, that’s right.

So, what’s going on? I have a new hobby, read many blogs from many bloggers out there about anything. Then I was thinking : If I make my own blog, who will gonna read my blog? I’m not them (public figure or actor/actress). As the thoughts come and go, I decide to have a new blog in 27 (OMG. I’m so &*^%@$# late but better late than never) and let’s see who will gonna read this.

Too many photos, too many memories, and too many thoughts in my life. Like Phillip Forrest said “All memories fade away in the end. Then, only dreams are left. And because they are all we have, we confide our life’s worries to them.”;  let me share those memories to you. If there’s something that I shared does not please you, I’m sorry. But, if there’s something that I shared makes you read more my memories, Thank you very much.

Cheers, J

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