Old but Loved

Hello, Guten Morgen!

Singapore is one of my favourite country to go. I don’t know why but let me figure it out later. Is Tiong Bahru my favourite one too? Yes, absolutely! If you have an overnight or long vacation, make sure that you drop by yourself here. In Tiong Bahru, there are many places to visit, such as Tiong Bahru Market, Bookstore, Tiong Bahru Playground, Some Hipster Cafes and last but not least the Tiong Bahru Bakery.


What’s on my mind when someone ask me about breakfast? Tiong Bahru Bakery. A simple breakfast is good for whole day. So, Steven ask me and decide to go to Tiong Bahru on that day. In my opinion, this place is always crowded in the morning because local, expat and tourist had their breakfast here. Maybe not every tourist want to drop by here, but if you’re the hipster one, you should.

Getting here by public transportation is so easy. It’s only 10 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru MRT (Click here for the route). Why I love walking than taking a cab or uber? Because I love the environment in Tiong Bahru Area.

After 10 minutes walk, you can see the green canopy with the Tiong Bahru Bakery logo. Open the door and you will find the cake, bread, sandwich, and pattiseries here. Believe me, you will find a comfort and the smell of freshly baked in here and makes you want to try all of the menu. Order a menu, make a payment and take a seat please.


What we order today? A Curry Bun with Herb Baked Chicken and a Latte. We decide to share our breakfast because we have to set aside our stomach for another food. The Curry Bun with Herb Baked Chicken is so damn good and the Latte is just good. If you need an infuse water or water, just take them for free in front of the cashier.


So, this place is for everyone. For a single go lucky, the introvert, the extrovert, couples, small family or big family, businessman or businesswoman and everyone. The Tiong Bahru’s environment makes you feel like old but loved. Spend your 1-2 hours in here; even just for relax, chat, or have a meal. If you asked me, would I going back to this place? Yes, definitely.

Cheers, J.

| Written by: Stefani Parengkuan | Photographed by: Steven Taruna | Edited by: Steven Taruna |

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