Tiong Bahru Cafes & Bookstore

Hello, Cafe Hopper & Bookworm!

It was a sunny day until 12pm, then the heavy rain came. I didn’t expect that I will get stuck in Tiong Bahru Area for like 2-5 hours. But, I explore so many places on that day.

Tiong Bahru is my favourite area in Singapore (like my second post said). It’s green because the trees and plants, convenience because everything looks tidy, and hipster because there’s so many cafes (and of course a hipster bookstore). So, if you are a cafe hopper or bookworm – just make sure to add Tiong Bahru in your itinerary.

Tiong Bahru Bakery
Opening Hour : Daily , 8am-8pm
Phone : +65 62203430

IMG_022056 Eng Hoon Street, #01-70, Singapore

Whisk Cafe 
Opening hour : Daily (except Monday), 9am-7pm
Phone : +65 6222 6543

IMG_023258 Seng Poh Road, Singapore

Flock Cafe
Opening Hours : Daily (8am-10pm)
Phone : +65 6536 3938

IMG_0262#01-25 Tiong Bahru Estate, 78 Moh Guan Terrace, Singapore

Open Door Policy
Opening Hours : Daily (except Tuesday) ; 12pm-3pm , 6pm-11pm
Phone : +65 6221 9307

IMG_030419 Yong Siak St, Singapore

Books Actually
Opening Hours : 10 AM – 8PM
Phone :+65 6222 9195


9 Yong Siak St, Singapore

Is any of you loved Tiong Bahru Area like me? Let me know 🙂

Cheers, J.

2 Replies to “Tiong Bahru Cafes & Bookstore”

  1. I recently visited Singapore with my wife. We were in Tiong Bahru and visited these places about a week before you were there! Found your blog because I was searching for the name of the bookstore. Thanks for posting!

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