Christmas Prep.

Hello, Christmas is coming! 

I can’t deny when christmas season comes. I love Christmas more than any other public holiday. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to miss the spirit and magic of Christmas. So, if you don’t like it, its none of my business. Everyone has their opinion and I have mine.

Every year, I’ve always had activities before Christmas. What are they?

  1. Set up the living room with christmas tree and ornaments
    • I love to have a christmas spirit in my living room. Put the christmas tree around the corner and hanging up the christmas ornaments. Sometimes I did alone, but sometimes my mom would like to help me.

  2. Bake own christmas food or cookies
    • Not every year I did this. For this year, I have a special menu for christmas dinner. On the other hand, I collaborate with my mom and my nephew to bake some pineapple cookies (and maybe we will add another cookies).
  3. DIY Christmas Card (NEW)
    • Like the second preparation, this is a new activity for me. After 3 years didn’t create own greetings card, I decide to create my own christmas card and this month. Let’s see what would be like.


  4. Do a christmas shopping & wrapping all the presents
    • You don’t have to ask me about this. I love to do a christmas shopping and wrapping them then put under the christmas tree. See who will get a big present on christmas day.
  5. Plan a Christmas Gathering
    • Oh yeah. Bring it on. I asked my close friend and fortunately I got the good responds (even 1-2 person can’t join the gathering). What kind of activities that will be in my christmas gathering? As normal as other people do – Eat, Drink, Play, Present and be Merry 🙂

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas and have a holly jolly season 🙂

Cheers, J.

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