Yum Cha is So Legit

Hello Dimsum Folks, 

I have decided to visit Hong Kong in March 2017 and realized that I will have a bad roaming there. Since I can’t speak any type of chinese language (mandarin, hokkien, cantonese, etc), I tried to figure it out what kind of thing that I’ll get for my tummy. First thing pop up in my mind : DIMSUM!

Searching for dimsum restaurant in HK with google and the first thing pop up is Yum Cha (for me). With the low temperature and windy evening in Tsim Sha Tsui area, I tried to find the Yum Cha. Strolled around TST area and found it!


Located on the 3rd floor of Tung Shun Hing Commercial Centre, this restaurant is quiet busy and crowded. Fortunately we got the seat even we didn’t make a reservation before. Looking at the menu and WOW, I want to eat everything. Damn! So, me and my otherhalf decide to choose 3 meals for that night. Hot Custard Molten Buns, Crab Roe Pork Dumpling and Fish Maw Rice in Lotus Wrap (btw, we got a free white chrysanthemum).

How’s it taste?

1. These 4 little pieces are so legit, the flavour of the pork is really good.

IMG_3020 Crab Roe Pork Dumpling – Price : HKD 59

2. These 3 pieces of buns are so damn legit, the bun and the hot custard are mixing in my mouth; sweet and salt together as one.

IMG_3021 Hot Custard Molten Buns – Price : HKD 49

I’m sorry that I can’t show you the Fish Maw Rice, cause I’m too hungry. Fish Maw Rice is like bakcang (a traditional chinese food that made from glutinous rice with different fillings and wrapped with a big leaf), the flavour of the glutinous rice and the filling is really good – Price : HKD 129.

So, Yum Cha is 4.5 out of 5 stars for me and you should try when you’re in Hong Kong. If you want to try Yum Cha, don’t forget to make a reservation to save your seat here. Let me know what kind of other dishes you try and how does it taste 🙂

Cheers, J.

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