The State of Fun in Singapore

Hello folks, Let’s check the list below!

Who doesn’t love Sentosa Island in Singapore? Hmm, I thought everyone loves Sentosa – The State of Fun (offering you so much fun here). Every time I visit Singapore, I’ve always try to spend more time in Sentosa. Either for strolling around or exploring some attractions.

So, what kind of attractions that might be your checklist for the next trip?

1. Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

IMG_3584Station : Resort World Sentosa

Who loves theme park? Me! Yeah, I love theme park so much. So, spend a half day or whole day in USS never goes wrong. They’re offering you 7 themed zones, dining area and shopping area for merchandise. My favourite ride is Revenge of The Mummy.  What’s yours? Find more here.

2. SEA Aquarium

IMG_8489 Station : Resort World Sentosa

Seeing the sea creature like watching the movie in movie theater? Oh, of course it’s a yes from me. Spend half day in here and you will amaze with the sea creature. Find the big tank that full of sea creature and please enjoy the moment. Did you touch the starfish there? Find more here.

3. Adventure Cove Park

IMG_4713 Station : Resort World Sentosa

Do you like slides? You will find a thrilling slides and lazy river if you just want to have a relax time alone. Find the bluewater bay and let the wave bring you to feel the ocean. Find more here.

4. Luge and Skyline

1452003750522 Station : Imbiah

Damn legit! I’ve always try to spend an hour to visit this attractions. The luge will bring you down to the two tracks of the ride and the skyline will bring you up and head down with the luge again (and again). Don’t forget to try the night luge ride, beauty as it is. Find more here.

5. Image of Singapore & Madame Tussauds Singapore

IMG_0765 Station : Imbiah

You want to know about Singapore History? Image of Singapore will tell you a story about the nation; with the theatrical guide and boat ride, you will see the mini Singapore. After find out about the history of Singapore, you can enjoy to see your favourite actor/actress/artist in a wax figure at Madame Tussauds Singapore. Find more here.

6. Fort Siloso & Fort Siloso Skywalk

IMG_4569 Station : Siloso Point

Fort Siloso become a historical site in Sentosa Island. This is a home for World War II history. So if you want to find out, let’s go here and don’t forget to take a scenic panorama from Fort Siloso Skywalk. Btw, It’s a free admission! Find more here.

7. Singapore Cable Car Sky Network

IMG_4508 Station : Imbiah

This is my first time to ride the cable car in Singapore. So, this cable car has two lines : Sentosa Line and Mount Faber Line. I tried both of them and the view is really great. My favourite line is Mount Faber Line, this line is higher than Sentosa Line. Wanna try? Find more here.

Notes : If you want to buy the ticket online you can visit Klook or Sentosa Website. Don’t waste your time to queue for buying attraction’s ticket. 

So, have you decide what kind of attractions that you want to try? or do you want to try all of them? or have you tried other attractions in Sentosa? Let’s share together and have fun!

Cheers, J.


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