For The Love of Height

Hello heights!

Do you know Macau Tower? First thing first this building is damn tall. As I searched on google and wikipedia, the height for antenna spire is 338m (1,108.9ft) and for the top floor is 223m (731.6ft). Damn.


This is my first time visit Macau. So after had a speedboat ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, I head up to the Venetian then to the Macau Tower with bus (I forgot how to get bus because you know why, this is not Singapore). Arrived at Macau Tower, I need to redeem my voucher from Klook to get an entry ticket (buy the voucher on Klook and you don’t need to wait for a long queue, so simple).

I had to take an elevator and fly to the level 58 or level 61 (believe it or not, this elevator is so damn quick like the lightning bolt. bzzt). What’s the different? Level 58 is the observation lounge where you can enjoy the view of Macau and Hong Kong as far as you can see and Level 61 is the observation deck where you can try the adventure world that provided by AJ Hackett Macau (such as bungee jumping, skywalk, tower climb, skyjump, etc).


I’m not a fan of height but Macau Tower challenged me well. Walk on the glass floor makes you feel like floating in the air. This breathtaking view makes me feel so alive and beautiful as it is. You can see the city, river, bridge, and the entire Macau. So peaceful in here. I tried the telescope at the observation deck (I forgot how much it cost, just a credit of MOP) and zoom in / zoom out to see the detail of Macau.




My suggestion is spending more time to take an adventure world at level 61. AJ Hackett will give you so many options to make you live only once, so don’t miss this chance if you visit Macau Tower. If in the next time I have an opportunity to visit Macau again, I will definitely try the Skywalk or Tower Climb. YOLO folks!

Cheers, J.

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