A Visit to Asia Society

Hello to Asia Society,

Throwback to the last year Hong Kong trip, I added Asia Society to my itinerary. Why? First, this place offers a great landscape that combine between outdoor and indoor art gallery in an unique way.  Second, this is art gallery – which means stevo likes it. Believe it or not, let’s see.

IMG_3459 Asia Society Hong Kong

Asia Society is located in the heart of Hong Kong. You can get here by bus, taxi and MTR (make a stop at Admiralty Station). This is a free admission art gallery (but you should check twice for several exhibition). If you wanna find out the details of ‘plan your visit’ please click here.

What’s on at the Asia Society?

1. Outdoor Bridge that surrounding by the green plant and with the roof. So, you don’t have to worry if rains hit you on that day. This bridge offers you a breeze and silence environment so you can enjoy the calm oasis in the Hong Kong CBD Area.

IMG_3475 Outdoor Bridge

2. Exhibition. When I was there, there’s an exhibition called Breathing Space. The exhibition can change time to time. So, you have to check the current and upcoming exhibition. What is Breathing Space? It’s a contemporary art from Hong Kong. This exhibition offered you with local artist’s works about living in this city. For more details please click here.

IMG_3488IMG_3498IMG_3502 Breathing Space Exhibition

3. Heritage Trail. I didn’t join the heritage tour with the tour guide, so I just strolling around and find this Heritage Trail. This trail offers you a history about the military. Not only the historical building, this trail offers you a Miller Theater that can be used for lectures, performances and film screenings.


IMG_3536 Miller Theater

5. Joseph Lau & Josephine Lau Roof Garden. This rooftop garden offers you an outdoor event spaces and some statues (ex. Zhang Huan’s Long Island Buddha). You can enjoy the outdoor space that surrounding by the green plant, small pond, and jungle of Admiralty. If you can visit this rooftop in the afternoon, you will get a perfect afternoon shot.


For the love of art, you should come here when you’re visiting Hong Kong. Spend 2-3 hours here and take a pause from the hustle bustle – city of life. Asia Society offers you a new perspective of enjoying art gallery in outdoor and indoor environment.

Asia Society Hong Kong Center
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Former Explosives Magazine
9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2103 9511
Fax: +852 2877 5343
Email: enquiryhk@asiasociety.org


Cheers, J.


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