Stopover : Toa Payoh’s Park

Hello to the town park, 

First plan is going to Wheeler’s Yard (one of the hipster cafe in Singapore) to take a sip of coffee and having breakfast on that day. After a long walk from Toa Payoh MRT to Wheeler’s Yard, I found that the cafe is closed on that day. Walao! Folks, please remind this lesson : always find out when is the operational hours and day before you take a long journey to visit. Remember!

But before that, I found the town park around there. Toa Payoh’s Town Park! Honestly, what do you expect of the town park? Only a lush green foliage and small pond and breeze and silence. Yup, that’s right. Toa Payoh’s Park offers those things.


This park size is around 4.8 hectares (find the detail here) and in my opinion, if you want to have a morning exercise (yoga, tai chi, running, or short cycling) or just sit around the park – this is the recommendation park for you. When I visited this park is about 10am to 11am, so the sun is shining right above me. Hot lah! But with the lush green foliage around, the hot temperature can reduce to 20%-30%.


Beside Toa Payoh’s Park, there’s a Toa Payoh swimming complex. Oh I wish I can dip into that swimming pool because I can’t tahan with the hot temperature on that day. Since this swimming complex looks very nice, clean, neat and big ; maybe I’ll try for the next time.


If you are in Singapore or visit Singapore one day and just get bored with the tourist activity, you can explore Toa Payoh area. Make a short visit to the park or maybe try to dip into the swimming pool.


After that, check the Wheeler’s Yard operational hours so you can take a sip of coffee or any kind of food there. Have a great day to explore!

Cheers, J.

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