Supermama is Super

Hello super folks, 

Have you ever heard about Supermama? This shop offers a singapore’s history/ top landmark design into some thing that you can buy. Such as plate, glass, keychain, scotch tape, unique pin for cloth, shirt, books and many more.


So, I followed Supermama instagram account for almost 2 years. I found many good things and unique design that Supermama offers to their customer. The design itself tells about Singapore history or top landmark in Singapore; like the lion face, MRT signage, ice cream uncle pin and many more.

The store itself offers a white and brown colour, neat, clean and simple display for everything. I’m so impressed with their display – that’s why I made an impulsive buying when I was there.




I bought the MRT signage keychain, unique pin for clothes, book about Singapore’s architecture. Honestly, this is not the important thing to buy – but who can’t tahan with this unique design and thing.


Anyway, if you want to buy something at Supermama you can head up to Beach Rd or just open the Supermama Online Store. There’s so many things you can see and do the impulsive buying :p

Supermama Store
265 Beach Rd, Singapore
Operational Hours : Everyday from 11am to 8pm

Cheers, J.

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