A Birthday in The Zoo

Hello to the love of animals, 

So, I have a plan to have Night Safari’s experience at Singapore Zoo on Stevo’s Birthday. But before that day, we went to jeans shop just for window shopping but ends with buying one pair of jeans for stevo (unexpected buying). Afterwords, we had a great chit chat with the sales person. Talk about jeans until The Singapore Zoo. He recommends us to visit Singapore Zoo at day rather than night. Why? Because in the daytime you can see clearly of the animals – on the nigh time you only can see several animal. Ok, this is make sense! 

So, when the stevo’s day came – we decided to visit Singapore Zoo at daytime. Some people say that Singapore Zoo is the best zoo in the South East Asia. Believe it or not, let’s see together.


Singapore Zoo offers an outdoor and indoor exhibition. So prepare your umbrella and water bottle in every situation. Because Singapore Zoo is really huge by foot. Some of the exhibit didn’t use metal cage, they just put the animal on exhibit with wooden fence – but there’s a gap between the animal to the visitor. The other exhibit that use water tank and glass cage are in indoor area. Overall, it’s very safe.

I’m very happy and impressed with this zoo because the animals is really well groomed and well maintained. If you’re hungry you can stop by at Ah Meng Restaurant. They served many variations of food so you don’t have to worry of food choices there.




My favourite part at Singapore Zoo is seeing the polar bear in the big pool with the coolest temperature. I think the polar bear doesn’t have any problem in life, he just enjoy his life 🙂


If you are a first time visitor, just bring a light weight bag because you will have a long walk in this zoo. For more details about the admission fee, operational hours and many more please click here. There’s so much package that you can choose for your next trip.

Cheers, J.

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