Makansutra for Dinner at 9pm

Hello Hawker Folks,

Sometimes, when I visit Singapore I’ll have a random time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The solution is find the hawker centre that open until late night. It will help you a lot. In fact, there’s a lot of hawker centre in the lion city, but not every hawker open until late night.

One of them is Makansutra Gluttons Bay. This hawker centre is located in the heart of the lion city. Beside Esplanade and have a view to Singapore River and Marina Bay Sands make this hawker become a famous and a bit crowded at night. There were 8 stalls (if I’m not mistaken) offer you food and drink.


Find Gerry’s Grill if you want to eat pork meat and order Sizzling Pork Sisig (kinda minced pork cheeks with mixed spice); Alhambra if you want to eat Sate Padang; Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wing for the best chicken wing in there; Redhill Rong Guang BBQ for the barbecued stingray; Old Satay Club Mee Goreng for the fried rice with Indian twist, Wee Nam Kee for the love of chicken rice, The Sweet Spot for every kind of ice shaved and sweet snacks and The Gluttons Bar that offers you so many choices of drink (such as Bandung, Milo, Sugarcane, Tiger Beer, etc). You know what? You can order the drink in a tower size (but this is for you who brings a big group in here or if you can finish by yourself why not).


Makansutra Gluttons Bay offers you the outdoor environment, just prepare for the rainfall. But on the other side, you can enjoy the food with the view of Singapore River or the Raffles Drive at night. So, try lah. 🙂

Cheers, J.

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