Mid Autumn in Singapore

Throwback to the last year mid autumn, 

Almost every religion, culture, sport and national event in Singapore become a great one to visit. Such as : New Year, Chinese New Year, Singapore Air Show, Easter, Aidil Fitri, Singapore Great Sale, Singapore National Day, F1, Mid Autumn, Deepvali, Christmas and many more. They planned very seriously and give a deep detail about what kind of thing that they want to offer to the tourist and their citizen.


I was in Singapore when mid autumn hit the lion city last year.  Suddenly, I remember that Gardens by The Bay held a Mid Autumn Lantern Festival. And that’s true. So, I visit Gardens by The Bay with stevo on that night and find a beautiful lantern display there. Fortunately, not only the lantern display that they offer. You can find a small event like lantern decoration or umbrella painting at crafts booth (just follow the signage).

IMG_20170925_220433 Arrival of The Phoenix

IMG_20170925_215336Inside Arrival of The Phoenix

IMG_20170925_212353_HHT Garden By The Bay Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes

This is a free admission for the outdoor lantern festival. If you want to explore the indoor dome, you should buy the ticket at ticketing booth near the dome. This festival was great and I would love to come back for this. Are you craving for this? Come and visit Gardens by The Bay this year!

For more event information at Gardens by The Bay, you can click here.

Cheers, J.

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