Saints Peter and Paul in Singapore

To all of you who want to have a mass, 

First thing first, I’m catholic. My duty is spending an hour every weekend for having a mass (like the other muslim and other religion who has a duty for praying/worship with their own rules). So, wherever you are you can do your duty (if you want). Googling it before you go, so when you arrived at one place you know where you have to go.

Every time I’m in Singapore, I’ve always visit and had a mass at Church of Saints Peter and Paul. Located in Bras Basah Area, 225A Queen St or you can click here for the detail location.

IMG_4061 Church of Saints Peter & Paul, Singapore

In 2014, this building is really unorganized. The paint on the wall cracked, old-small lamp, a bit dark and etc. I found out why this church has an unorganized looks. Church of Saints Peter and Paul will have a renovation season for 1 – 1.5 years (2014-2015/2016), so if you want to have a mass in here you will have an outdoor mass with a big tent (on that period). Anyway, I had an experience of outdoor mass (really hot lah).


After renovation season has done in 2016, I think the result is really great. This Church looks new and has a gothic architectural with white colour all around the building, have a bright reading lamp, and find out by yourself.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 9.15.30 PM After Renovation, 2017

Finally after 1-1.5 years of waiting, I can have an indoor mass and no more hot temperature like the outside. You can choose any time for having a mass (find out here). So, in my opinion there’s no reason to skip your duty.

If you need a directory for church in Singapore, you can find out here. For other praying/worship place, you can click here. Have a Happy day!

Cheers, J.

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