Flowery Afternoon in Hong Kong

To the love of flower (and plants),

Every time I step onto a new place, I wish that I can find a flower market. So, when I was in Hong Kong last year, I went to their Flower Market in Mong Kok. A bit far from the Hong Kong Island and city center but yeah, totally worth it.

How to get here? You can use the MTR and stop at Prince Edward MTR then walk along the Prince Edward Rd W (head to the Royal Plaza). Pop! You will see the flower shop in the corner and take a start stroll from there. If you want to take a quick way, you can take a cab. Easy.


I came down around 3pm and the weather is a bit cold and windy. At that time the crowd isn’t compact at all, so I can stroll around and take a look of the flower a little longer.

I thought this flower market will be in the corner of some building/mixed market. But, the reality is this flower market sold by different tenants in a block building along the Kowloon street. So, this block is only for flower and plant. 


You can find any kind of flower and plant here. From succulent, orchid, bougainvillea, bamboo plant, rose, cactus and etc. The flower and plant looks fresh and great. The owner stored them with a cold temperature so they can live longer than usual.


Unfortunately, I came here on my last day in Hong Kong. So, I can’t buy anything from here. I just take a look of the beauty of those creatures. If you love those creatures, please drop yourself and stay a while in here. 

Cheers, J.


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