Tak Yu, The Hidden Gem in HK

Let’s find a hidden gem in HK,

Tak Yu is one of the hidden gem that I found in Hong Kong. Where is it? Tak Yu is located at 

IMG_4151.JPGDon’t ask for clean and neat ambience in Hong Kong if you eat at street restaurant like this. Just prepare your stomach only for the goodness. Tak Yu offers a local Cha Chaan Teng in Hong Kong. If you can’t read the font, please ask the server or find the singaporean server. It helps you a lot.


An old guy (the typical server in Hong Kong) come and ask me about the order. When he heard me and my husband talking in Bahasa and a bit Singlish, he changed to the singaporean old guy character. He asked : Where are you come from? I said : Jakarta. Then this uncle told us that he is singaporean and lived in Hong Kong.  He ever been visited Jakarta a long time ago and stayed in Mangga Dua Area. Wow, what happened right now – and he talked in singlish and we just grateful to find singaporean here!


I ordered the Fried Beehoon with beef and Teh Tarik. The taste of the Fried Beehoon is the best. Soft, full of flavour, and the beef is so good. This dish is recommended by the uncle. How about the teh tarik? All I can say is So So. Like the usual Teh Tarik, nothing special.


So, after me and my husband done with the lunch, we say goodbye to the uncle who is sitting in the small street beside the restaurant. Till we meet again uncle! 

Cheers, J.

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