Look! It’s Looksee Looksee

What is this place? Let’s go in.

I walked alongside the Beach Rd on that afternoon after failed to attempt Wheeler’s Yard in the morning. For a while, I found this place and curious about what’s in it. So I decided to get in.

Looksee Looksee, oh I see. This place is quite nice because of the ambience is really calm and warm. Looksee Looksee is under The Lo & Behold Group (just google it who are they).


When you get in here, you can see the bookshelf on the left and some of the couch on the opposite.¬†What kind of thing that they offered? They offered a reading and tea room for everyone who loves books and teas. If you’re one of them, make sure you visit this place.


I looked around and take one book for reading in there and¬†ordered a tea. When I asked the cashier how much the price of the tea, she said that you can give a tip for this place and the tea as much as you want. So, there’s no price tag for the menu – It’s up to you.


This place is really quiet and you will be quiet in here. You can read a book and drink a cup of tea or you can rent a place for a small workshop/event in the backyard. This place is worth to visit by you.

Looksee Looksee
267 Beach Rd, Singapore
Phone: +65 6338 8035

Cheers, J.

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