Goodbye Inuka

A Frozen Tundra World,

It’s so sad and really sad when I heard that Inuka has passed away a week ago. Who is Inuka? I met this creature in September 2017 at Singapore Zoo. I walked to the Frozen Tundra World and found this creature.


Inuka is a polar bear who is turned 27 years old in December 2017. He was born on December 26, 1990. 27 years old is really old for a polar bear, so he is really a great creature in his age. He has a dental issue problem but the keepers always take control of him.


Unfortunately, I heard that Inuka is not going so well at the end of 2017. His health dropped and this is made me sad. A week ago, I heard that Inuka has passed away and this is really made me sad again.


So, goodbye Inuka. Thank God at least I can see him alive and looking forward to the next polar bear.

Cheers, J.

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