Who Loves Macau?

To the casino, food and other lovers.

When I was in Hongkong, I tried to spend a day to visit Macau. But, I asked myself what kind of thing that I would do in Macau since Macau is popular with the Casino thing. Here’s what I got from Macau :



Yes!! This is heaven on earth for the one who loves to do the casino way. You should visit Macau if you want to know your luck. From Hotel to Hotel and Mall to Mall, they offered you space to spend your money in here. So, prepare and be ready for everything. Don’t forget to control yourself :p

2.Macau Tower


This tower is higher than Eiffel Tower. You don’t believe it? Google it. Since this building offers a view and some kind of activities that challenge your adrenaline, you should try one of them. Like people said: YOLO.

3.Ruins of St. Paul’s


Feels like in Europe? Unfortunately, you can find this in Macau. These ruins give you a history of this building. The original use of this building is for Catholic Church. So, you can flashback your mind to the 17 century.

4.Food Street


All I know Macau is popular with the egg tart too. So, I came here to find the Portuguese egg tart around the Ruins of St. Paul’s and got it. Alongside the street to the ruins, you will find many food streets so you can fill your stomach before get┬áback to Hong Kong.

So, what kind of thing that Macau offered to you?

Cheers, J.

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