Give with A Heart

Do you ever feel like doing good to people but they didn’t do the same thing to you?
Do you ever think: ‘shame on me or poor me!’ ?


I’ve always surrounded by people who always told me: ‘If you give anything to others, don’t expect anything to be back. If you give, then you give with your heart.’

I agree with that thing, but sometimes when others give me something – they want me to treat them as they treat me. But when I treat them well, I can’t ask for the same treatment.

Why? Why I can’t when others can do that thing to me. I’m asking myself and think twice and more about this. But I can’t get a clear answer about this issue.


Is it okay if I didn’t treat them well as they treat me well? Or I have to treat them well even they didn’t treat me as well as they want to.

But sometimes, I asked myself: can you do that thing over and over again? If you can do that thing over and over again – and you don’t mind, Let God do the rest. Because God always has a great plan that you never know.


That’s the conclusion of this issue. Happy Sunday!

Cheers, J.

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