3 Days Short Getaway to HK

Hello to a short trip,

So, I want to share 3 days itinerary for Hongkong short getaway. So, if you have a short getaway plan to Hongkong, maybe it will help.

Day 1 

12pm – 1pm :
Arrived in Hongkong with ETA around 12pm (Hongkong Time). Go to your Hotel/Hostel/Airbnb to get an early check in and ask them if they have a facility for luggage storage. So, you can start your HK Getaway.

1pm – 3pm :
Let’s get some lunch! Try Mak’s Noodle for your first lunch in HK. In my opinion, this is the best wonton noodle in HK (On Repeat: In My Opinion). Mak’s Noodle is located in many districts around HK, my favourite one is in Central (Wellington St, maps).


3pm – 4pm:
After Mak’s Noodle, walk around 2 blocks and you will find The Cupping Room. Take a sip of a coffee and some pastries that they offered to you.


4pm – 6pm:
Head to IFC Mall and strolling around there. This mall is super big and surrounded by business people. Don’t forget to take a rooftop at IFC Mall to get a view of HK Ferry Terminal and Hongkong Observation Wheel.

6pm – 8pm:
The stomach is growling and it’s time for dinner. Head to Tsui Wah in Central Area (Wellington St, maps). Order the fried noodle and milk tea, it will give you a great dinner.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-09 at 7.55.46 PM

8pm – 10pm:
If you love to see the city lights from a skyscraper, you should stay and stroll around Central Area.

10pm –  12am:
It’s your free time. Go clubbing, nightdreaming around Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade or you want to take a rest because this is your day one – it’s up to you.

Day 2 

7am – 9am:
Good morning! It’s Day 2 and let’s go for breakfast at Australian Dairy Company (Jordan, maps). Don’t expect a good service in here but you can expect for the long queue if you didn’t get here earlier than others. I admitted the food was really good!

9am – 7pm:
Spend your 3/4 whole day in Disneyland or Ocean Park or Ngong Ping or if you want to cross the sea, go to Macau. For the amusement park ticket, you can buy here.


7pm – 10pm:
After the amusement park or cross the sea to Macau, just let yourself to see the beauty of Hongkong at night. Head to The Victoria Peak with Peak Tram, have a dinner at Lu Feng Restaurant and see the city of life at the peak rooftop.


10pm – 12am:
If you’re not tired, you can go clubbing. If you need a rest, you should take a rest. Don’t push yourself for this short getaway. 🙂

Day 3

So, if you have a flight back to everywhere in the afternoon (around 2pm), you may try this plan if you want to.

7am – 10am:
Visit Wan Chai Area, you will find the Omotesando Koffee and some cafes around there. Of course, don’t forget to buy some snacks at Calbee store that located around 2 blocks after Omotesando.


10am – 12pm:
Back to Hotel and Check out. Head to the HK Airport.

12pm – 2pm:
Arrived at HK Airport and find some souvenirs or have some lunch before a flight back to hometown.

I hope this simple itinerary for 3 days will help you to have a short trip while you’re in busy mode folks! Have a great getaway!

Cheers, J.

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