Rich Thai Flavour at Khao Khao

Who loves Thai Food?

Whoah, Thai Food is my favourite cuisine when I don’t know what to eat on the weekend. On that clueless day of what to eat, Stevo asked me to try a new restaurant at Neo Soho called Khao Khao.


Khao Khao is the new line from TomTom. Both of them served a Thai Cuisine in a modern way. TomTom is a Thai Restaurant that located on several malls in Jakarta, But Khao Khao is located on the GF at Neo Soho – besides Malatang restaurant and across Jakarta Aquarium (for now).

What is the different between TomTom and Khao Khao? The atmosphere. TomTom is a bit darker than Khao Khao. So when you visit Khao Khao there will be more lights than TomTom. But both of them still used the neon colour for the interior.


The book menu size is same with TomTom but they have a different strong colour, which is pink for the background colour. How about the menu? It’s almost the same with TomTom. So, if you have tried TomTom, you wouldn’t find any difficulty when ordering Khao Khao food.


I ordered the Pad Thai and Stevo ordered a Tom Yum Soup. The Pad Thai taste is really good. You can feel the spices and please be warned this is really spicy on the throat.

How’s the Tom Yum Soup? If you are a tom yum lovers, please try this. The taste is really good and makes you wake up. The flavour rich create a burst in your mouth. P.S. Don’t have to order rice, because this tom yum soup is including the white rice.


On that day there’s no much customer. So, I don’t have to queue. Try Khao Khao and feel the rich Thai flavour here.

Cheers, J.

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