Japan Visa: Easy and Simple

Is it so hard to apply for Japan Visa?

Since I booked my ticket to Japan 1 year ago, the most common next thing to do is get the visa. Some people say that Japan visa will be hard to get if you don’t have enough money in your saving. Hmm, I don’t think so. Honestly, I have less than 25 Mio IDR in my saving. Damn it!

At the end of 2018, I start to research and gather any information about applying for Japan Visa. For some people who have an e-passport, you don’t have to do this. But if you are a manual passport holder, this post will help you (I hope).

So, what kind of thing you have to know and prepare for applying for Japan Visa?

First, you have to decide that you want to apply for a single entry or multiple entry visas. Since this is the first time I visit Japan, I have to apply for a single entry. Maybe the next visit, I can apply for the multiple entry visa. How much is it? around 370.000 IDR for visa and 165.000 for admin+registration.

Second, what kind of document that you have to prepare?

  • Passport 
  • Application Form (download here)
  • ID Photo with 45x45mm (6 months validation, white background)
  • 1 copy of ID Card
  • 1 copy of roundtrip booking ticket
  • 1 copy of your itinerary (download here)
  • 1 copy of family card
  • 1 copy of birth certificate
  • Letter from Work (download here)
  • 1 copy of your 3 months saving 

(Note: every copy has to be in A4, compile every document in one folder with paper clipping, make sure the photo is glued enough)

Third, visit the Japan Visa Application Centre at Lotte Shopping Avenue (4th Floor, beside XXI). I came without an appointment, so when the security asked, you can tell them that you are individual (without an agent) and walk-in application. The security will give you a queue number then you will wait in the application room.

Fourth, head to the counter which your number will be served by the officer. They will give you a form that you have to checklist all the documents that you submit. After that, you will be given a receipt for visa and admin fees then head to the cashier counter. Keep the receipt! That’s your golden ticket to get your passport back in the next 4 days.

How many days you need to wait? In my case, I’ve only waited for 4 days. I got an email from the Japan Embassy that my visa is granted for single entry with 15 days duration of stay in Japan. Nice!

Back to the Lotte Shopping Avenue, go to the collecting counter. I gave the receipt that I got when I made a payment 4 days ago. Then I got my passport with Japan Visa on one of my passport sheets. So damn happy!

For a single entry, the Japan Visa will be expired in 3 months since you submit all the documents to the counter. So, please check your roundtrip ticket date and you will know when to submit all the documents. (For example, you will be in Japan 1 – 9 March 2019. So at least you must apply for the visa on early January 2019)

Is it so easy and simple right? I hope you will have a smooth process when you apply for the Japan Visa.

Cheers, J.



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