First Time Ramadhan in Singapore

Ramadhan in Singapore? Why Not! 

Maybe, some people will think that spending Ramadhan in Singapore will be the same as Jakarta. Which means, almost restaurant or food merchant will be closed due to Ramadhan. But, the real talk is Singapore didn’t have that situation.

Singapore creates Ramadhan month become more appealing to visit. When I was there in June 2018 – the first day of Ramadhan, there are two bazaars that held in Singapore. Geylang Serai Bazaar and Artbox.

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Geylang Serai Bazaar located in Geylang Serai. This bazaar only held during Ramadan season. The area filled up with a big tent and full of tenants; from mini-games section, clothing section, until food and beverages section. When I arrived at Geylang Serai Bazaar, it’s dinner time. So, I went there for food.

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On that day there was a super huge crowd (maybe first day of Ramadhan). I need to queue for some popular stall, for example, Meatball in Bucket. This bucket is consist of meatball satay, rice cakes and peanut sauce with onion. Don’t you dare to compare that food with Indonesia satay :p As long as you want to find a new experience, this bucket is worth to try. The strong flavor and the big bucket will fill up your stomach.

Nah, how about Artbox?


If Geylang Serai Bazaar is happened because of Ramadhan season, Artbox happens because this is a yearly event that held in June. The target market of Artbox is mostly for teenagers and people who love art (art means in a big scope of art, not only for painting or music. But the big scope of Art).

Located in Marina Bay Sands Area, so you don’t need to worry where to stop. Stop at Bayfront MRT and head to promenade area. You will find a big area with many small tents and outdoor vibes. Artbox consists of several areas: food and beverages section, mini amusement park, art and clothes section, and many more. Not to forget, there’s a stage for live music performance – so you can enjoy some music while enjoying food and drinks with no roof boundaries. 


So, if you guys ask what to do in Singapore when Ramadhan? You can visit Geylang Serai Bazaar and if Ramadhan is in June, you can visit Artbox too. By the way, both of them are free. So make sure you drop by.

Cheers, J

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