The Power of Bento Box

First time to try the real bento box. 

In my mind, bento is like Hoka-Hoka bento (in Indonesia); consist of hot rice, katsu, egg roll, and salad. I’ve never thought that bento will be a cold one and now I found it in Tokyo, Japan.

On the previous trip, I went to Tokyo and try the famous bento named Ekibenya Matsuri. It’s not easy for the first timer who went to Tokyo to find this famous bento. Ekibenya Matsuri is located in JR Tokyo Station and you need a platform ticket to enter this station. Just find a machine ticket and buy the platform ticket that valid for 2 hours.

What’s on JR Tokyo Station beside the JR Train? This place is really huge like a shopping mall. You will find many shops that sell many things. So, better you remember the location of the first time you enter the platform.

I and my husband bought 2 different bento boxes. Mine is the shinkansen bento and he is the normal box. Each box price is 1250 Japanese Yen. After we bought those bento, we head to the nearest park around Tokyo Station and have some brunch there with these bento boxes.

The shinkansen bento consists of cold fried rice, shredded beef teriyaki, small tamago, small potato salad, and orange candy. Yes, this shinkansen bento is recommended for kids. :p



The normal bento box consists of cold rice, shredded beef teriyaki, beef minced and salad; called Beef Domannaka (the popular and bestseller bento at Ekibenya Matsuri).



How’s it? Overall, both of them is really damn good. This is my first time to try the cold bento and never regret it. The texture of the beef, salad, and rice are damn perfect. Never missed this bento if you’re in Tokyo. 

Cheers, J.

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