Local Vibe with Baseball Game

Either you understand the game or not, you must watch this game. 

When I was in Tokyo, I have a plan to watch Baseball Game to get local vibes. So, I asked my husband: “Do you want to watch a baseball game in Tokyo?” – he answered yes.

I booked the ticket one week before I went to Tokyo at Giants Website. I bought the reserved seat, so I don’t have to get a long queue before the match. This is the first time I watched the baseball game and honestly, I don’t understand at all the rules, how to score, and etc. Thank God, my husband knew the game. :p


On that day, the game between Yomiuri Giants vs Tokyo Yakult Swallows played at Tokyo Dome. Which means, home for Yomiuri Giants. The game begins at 6pm and we entered the stadium at 5pm. We bought some food (hotdog and burger), ice cream and beers of course to company our first game.




The game itself is really interesting. The first until around fifth inning, these two teams didn’t get much score; but after that, both of them create a score every inning. Every time each team gets a score, the fans are singing the hymn and raise up the team flag or merchandise. 


Because this is the big two in Japan Baseball Team, I think you should watch it once in a lifetime. This is a new experience that I had and checked on my bucket list. Since then, I’m enjoying myself to watch the baseball game and always excited to see more games. From now on, I’m the big fans of Yomiuri Giants. GIANTS PRIDE.

Cheers, J.

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