Sydney Highlight P1

What’s on your mind when someone asks you where to go when you’re in Sydney?

I can’t believe I visited Sydney, the main city in Australia – last year. I went there because of the family business. So, the purpose wasn’t for the holiday but for a family business.

First time here, I’m in love with this city. Unlike Singapore, this city is full of warm vibes and no rushing every time. In the idle time when I was in Sydney back then, I spent some time to explore Sydney for a while. What’s my highlight?

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens
    I’ve always loved the vibes of Garden/Park outside Indonesia. They did so great to create a garden complex with a ton of chill vibes. You can stroll around with your friends or family even only by yourself. The greenery and lush make you feel like you want to skip away your tons of work tasks and enjoy your little time here.How to get here: Martin Place (the nearest metro station)



  2. St Mary Cathedral
    The old Catholic church in Sydney makes me wow. This church land in a huge area in the heart of Sydney. I visited on Sunday, so I had the experience to have a Sunday mass there. The high ceiling makes this church is awesome.How to get here: St James Station (the nearest metro station)


  3. Art Gallery of New South Wales
    The art gallery that opens for the public without an admission fee. Before you enter, you have to put your bag on the locker section. So, you can enjoy the art gallery without any shoulder hassle. Stay for a while and enjoy the art pieces there.How to get here: 15 min walk from Royal Botanic Gardens


  4. Bondi Iceberg & Beach
    Bondi is a must for me when visiting Sydney. This area completed your checklist if you are a fan of beach and swimming. Since the weather is very windy and cold at that time, I can’t enjoy the relax time on the beach or try to have swim time at Bondi Iceberg. Wish me luck next time with the weather.How to get here: Stop at South Bondi Beach, Campbell Pde Bus Stop



  5. Sydney Harbour Bridge
    The famous and touristy landmark. Don’t you try to skip this bridge when you’re in Sydney. This bridge gives you a moment to pause from a hustle bustle life. You can enjoy a glass of beer in the afternoon while watching the boat back and forth from the dock. A good time to spend.How to get here: Circular Quay (the nearest metro station)


So many places, I haven’t visited while I’m in Sydney, hopefully, I can visit this city again this year. What’s your highlight? 🙂

Cheers, J.

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