Ice Cream in The Middle of Barrack

Are you an ice cream lovers? If yes, let’s do high five with me!

Since I had time to have a back and forth to Singapore, I need to know a new place to explore. For this time, Gillman Barracks is on my list. What is Gillman Barracks? Based on the information that I know, GB is the art gallery surrounding by restaurant and many trees. This GB’s area is so big, I think this area was a big town park back then.


Is there any ice cream place in Gillman Barracks? Sure! I heard this ice cream store is so popular in Singapore, called it Creamier Handcrafted. They sold so many local flavors but if you need to buy 1 pint or more, I thought you have to make a pre-order first (CMIIW).


How to find this store? Start from the entrance, you will see the main parking area sign. Go straight to the main parking area (if you bring your car) and you will see the store was on the left side. Creamier Handcrafted is beside the first gallery. So easy to find.



I ordered two scoops of ice cream but forgot the name. All I remember was the color, one scoop of blue peas ice cream and white vanilla ice cream. Totally that was so good.  Not only sold the ice cream, but they also serve coffee, sparkling tea with fruit, ice cream with waffle and many more.


I went there around 3pm, so there were so many people around GB to have a chill afternoon with friends and family. Not only try the ice cream, but I also visited two galleries. First, The Main Gallery was nearby the main parking area. The white old building was set for the gallery and other events. Second, Small Gallery was beside the ice cream store. FYI, across the small gallery, there was another gallery too.

So, make sure you have a good visit when you are in Gillman Barracks. The next time I visit, I want to try a restaurant called Naked Finn. Or Maybe, have you tried it?

Cheers, J.

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