WWYD after 2020’s Quarantine?

Hello everyone!

Ouch, it’s been 6 months I skipped the content creator for this site. How are you? I hope you are doing fine in the midst of COVID 19 and quarantine days. Speaking of the devil, If we’re thinking too much about the virus and quarantine days will affect some stress/anxiety feeling at the moment. Then, let’s try to think more about what will we do after these days.

What will you do after this quarantine era? Tbh, I have a ton of lists that I will do.

  1. Renew My Passport.
    Since my passport will be expired in November 2020, I have to renew the passport so I can travel the world after this quarantine ends. Have you renewed your passport?

    Source: The Jakarta Post

  2. Going Abroad.
    It’s a Yes! Australia – Hong Kong – Japan, they are sitting on my mind for a long time before q-day. How about you?

    Source: Pinterest

  3. Cinema Attack!
    So many movies that have to be pending in Q1 of 2020. I have a plan to watch Mulan at the end of March, but the situation gets me to stay at home during this period. What’s the most wanted movie that you want to watch after this q-day?

    logoSource: 21cineplex

  4. House Planning, Life Planning.
    I and my husband have a plan to buy/build a house for our own world. Besides, there is another life planning for 2020 that we’ve always talk at the beginning of the year or before that. But it turns out, this q-day makes many sectors get the effect. So we have to wait for a lil’ bit and plan again. What’s your plan?

    Source: Pinterest

  5. Good Habits Stay.
    In q-day, I discover some habits that will be good for my life.
    – Stay clean wherever you are
    – Learn how to cook (Anything)
    – Read some books
    – Sunbathing and Workout
    – Stay at Home for 2 weeks. (Get bored? Nah)

    Source : Pinterest

Aw yeah, 5 things to do after this q-day! Is there anything you want to do after this q-day? First thing first Stay Clean and Stay at Home in this COVID 19 days. 🙂

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